Choose from the extensive menu.

All meals are gluten, dairy and egg free unless stated in bold as below.

G = Contains gluten – gluten free on request

D = Contains dairy – dairy free on request

E = Contains eggs

• Vege  protein burger patties

• Sweet potato koftas

• Falafal burger patties

• Mushroom and chickpea arancini balls

• Roast vegetable frittata E

• Spinach and goats cheese quiche G/D/E

• Roast pumpkin and caramalised onion quiche G/E

• Thai green vegetable curry with chickpeas or tempeh

• Turmeric vegetables with chickpeas or tempeh

• Red lentil dhal 

• Curry vegetables with lentils

• Mexican chilli beans

•  Moussaka

• Brown rice risotto with roast pumpkin, pinenuts, baby spinach and chickpeas

• Roasted vegetable & lentil lasagne (spelt) with cashew bechamel sauce G

• Spanish Rice with mushrooms and black beans

• Chicken and sundried tomato patties

• Chicken and quinoa dumplings in oriental broth

• Walnut crusted chicken breasts

• Sundried tomato and cashew crusted chicken breasts

• Thai green chicken curry with vegetables

• Thai red chicken curry with vegetables

• Turmeric chicken with vegetables

• Curry chicken with vegetables

• Spanish rice with chicken

Chicken cacciatore

• Chicken, rosemary and roast pumpkin risotto

• Chicken, mushroom and fennel risotto

• Beef burger patties

• Meatballs in tomato sauce E

• Beef stroganoff with cashew soured cream

• Beef lasagne(spelt) with cashew béchamel G

• Beef moussaka

• Chilli con carne

• Massaman beef curry with vegetables

• Thai green beef curry with vegetables

• Thai red beef curry with vegetables

• Lamb and rosemary burger patties

• Lamb curry with vegetables

• Thai green lamb curry with vegetables

• Thai red lamb curry with vegetables

• Minestrone

• Red lentil and vegetable

• Roast tomato, capsicum and quinoa

• Spicey pumpkin and cashew

• Roast vegetable and herb

• Cauliflower, zucchini and Brazil nut

• Mushroom and mustard

• Chicken and vegetable

• Fresh salmon patties made with sweet potato and quinoa

• Thai green prawn and vegetable curry

• Thai red prawn and vegetable curry

• Curry prawns with vegetables and brown rice

• Herb and nut crusted fish

• Cashew and fennel crusted fish

Thai Green Curry
• Garden salad with herb dressing

• Quinoa tabouleh with lemon garlic dressing

• Raw zucchini noodles with basil and spinach pesto dressing

• Roast beetroot, lentil and rocket with balsamic dressing

• Mediterranean roasted vegetables with quinoa and baby spinach

• Raw vegetable and brown rice with tamari dressing

• Raw vegetable Pad Thai with almond dressing

• Basil and cashew pesto

• Sundried tomato pesto

• Hommus

• Beetroot jam

• Tomato and onion jam

• Marinated button mushrooms

• Ratatouille

• Mixed berry chia jam

• Raw energy balls

• Chocolate, date and coconut balls

• Fruit and nut loaf E

• Banana bread E

• Vanilla nut cookies

• Choc chip cookies

• Chia jam coconut slice

• Chia, banana, coconut and lime mousse

• Dried fruit, nuts and seeds packs

• Fruit compote

• Raw muesli G

• Salted caramel toasted muesli G

• Breakfast bars G

• Breakfast beans

• Roast vegetable fritatta E

• Smoothie packs


Brown rice can be replaced with quinoa on request