Karen’s cooking feels like coming home to a freezer full of love!! I love knowing that I can focus on my work and not have to worry about anything else when I get home.
It’s all been done for me. That feeling of support is priceless!
I have also worked out that as a single woman I was spending more money on food in single serves than it is now costing me for Karen to cook up her delicious meals in bulk.
In my health coaching practice the first thing I do with my clients is work out where the gaps in their support system are and work to outsource them. From busy mums who also work outside the home to solo business owners, Karen’s services make life so much easier and healthier.
It’s so essential to have a nutritious balanced diet but how many of us have those skills. (Or the time and often even the inclination!)I cannot recommend Karen and her magical cooking skills highly enough.
Get her in your kitchen already!!!
Keri Krieger
 ‘The service that Karen provides has been an absolutely life-saver for our busy family. For us no two weeks are the same, and knowing that we have beautiful, nutritious meals at the ready, conveniently portion sized in the freezer has changed our world. Karen’s service is personal, professional, and filled  with the care and passion that she has both towards the food she prepares and the way that she fits into our needs. I have recommended Karen to every busy family I know and will continue to do so.’
Alison Hill (no relation)
Today is my favourite day of the week… why? I’ve just arrived home from work after a particularly grueling day. Walked in the door and found my kitchen spotless… more spotless than how I left it this morning. I walk over to the fridge and open the door to be greeted by towers of fresh, gourmet, nourishing food. I check the freezer, and it’s full too.
Karen is an angel and her creations are bloody delicious. Knowing that there’s always something healthy and yummy in the freezer when a busy day dictates more time at work, and less time in the kitchen is such a relief.I can’t recommend her (or the beef lasagne!) enough.
Jen Jackson
It is pretty simple really, we work ridiculous hours and were picking up whatever food we could wherever we could. This was showing in our waistlines and our cholesterol levels. Karen was recommended to us by our personal trainer and we have not looked back.

Now our standard response to the question “What shall we have for dinner?” – “Karen food”. It is quicker, healthier, financially equivalent (often cheaper) than takeaways and we are seeing the health benefits – my cholesterol is back in the normal range.

We have served Karen food at formal dinner parties (the oriental chick dumplings made a great entree) and regularly when friends end up staying for dinner. They are really surprised (and jealous) when I tell them – this is the food I was telling you about, I don’t have the recipe, but I do have a Karen.

Karen food does not taste like the routine, pre-prepared, bland fare that is offered up by corporate competitors, which, more than one year on, makes it a sustainable part of a healthier lifestyle
Annabel Mcguire

Most people aspire to eat healthily, however, they lack the time or skills to achieve this vision.
With Karen’s extensive experience working in health retreat environments, she is able to provide delicious meals that are both healthy and nourishing.
Furthermore, her skills enable her to cater for people with different dietary preferences.
As a dietician myself, I would highly recommended Karen’s in house health services.Kind regards,
Sandy Chan