Too busy to prepare nutritious meals?

Finding it difficult to prepare meals with special dietary requirements?

Recovering from an illness?

Confused about what to eat for optimum health?

Looking to have some healthy meal choices on hand?

Whatever your reason, I’m here to help!

I can come to your home and cook up a storm of nutritious wholesome meals, packaged and ready to freeze.




Everything is made from scratch with a nutritional balance of protein, carbohydrates and fats which are incorporated into each meal, including an abundance of vegetables.



You pick a day that works for you.

Choose 5-6 items off the menu, and then email me your selection.

I will work out a shopping list and send it to you 3 days prior to arrival.

If you require me to do the shopping for you, I will require your selection 3 days prior to arrival.

Depending on what you choose, it generally takes me anywhere from 6-8 hours.

At the end of the day, you will end up with around 30-40 meals. (most of my clients book me once a month)



My rate is $40 an hour.

If you require me to do the shopping, it will be capped at 1 hour and a deposit of $200 is required 3 days prior to arrival to cover the food costs.

Travel outside of a 30km radius from Burleigh Heads will be capped at 1 hour extra.

All food costs are paid by you.