Isn’t it better to eat fresh rather than frozen?
I get this question often. Yes it is best to eat fresh food fressssh!!! The thing is that fresh food begins to break down the longer you leave it in the fridge and valuable nutrients are lost as time goes on. There is only a small loss of nutrients with the freezing method. Food looses it’s living enzymes once it’s heated or frozen anyway, so you might as well freeze it and lock in the nutrients.

Is it okay to just eat frozen foods?
No. Although these meals are packed with nutrients, it’s still important to eat a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables. For example: a couple of pieces of fruit throughout the morning and some raw salad veges with lunch and maybe some steamed veg or fresh salad with dinner depending on whether or not the meal you are eating already has vegetables in it. Eating live foods is important for optimal health!

Aren’t private chefs only for the rich and famous?
Not necessarily. As times seem to be getting busier and busier and people are trying to get the most out of life, sometimes eating healthy becomes the last priority of the day! Usually the day ends with a not so healthy take-a-way meal or a pre packaged meal with a list of preservatives and numbers attached. Eating like this can be quite expensive on your wallet and your health. If you add it up at the end of the day (like some of my clients already have), it might just be more affordable than you may think!